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Whatever style might define you and whichever point in life you’re at, you are more than welcome to El Lokal. Here we try to make room for everyone who comes, the same way that we try to follow Him who captivated us. Our common interests are our hunger for God, our desire to fall in Love with Jesus more and our commitment of being an active agent to see His Kingdom in this city. If you feel identified with any of these points or maybe just feel curious, come and visit us!


We love to be surrounded by original people; we follow someone who loved to gather people of different backgrounds and qualities around a table, and also managed to be original in every miracle that He did without breaking the Law. We follow one who made no distinctions among anyone and made an effort until the end so that everyone could follow His steps. We value God’s originality from creation to his masterpiece: YOU


He is the centre of our being; God has taken over our hearts and this is why getting to know Him more and more has become our obsession. We know him but never enough. We are convinced that He is the only possible solution for our society, for ourselves, for our neighbours…. he has changed our lives and we think that every human being should have the right to try and have a relationship with HIM! We are in love with Jesus Christ!